Full blog post + podcast version: https://activegrowth.com/ethical/

This video is inspired by a question asked by one of my customers. That question in turn was inspired by this podcast episode: https://dottotech.com/grey6/

“Ethical marketing” is a buzzword in some corners of the online marketing space. Often used in the context of ranting against “gurus”.

I love a good rant as much as the next guy. I also happen to be interested in questions of ethics, so I felt compelled to provide my take on this matter.

In this video, I want to make the question of ethical online marketing and online business practices a bit more… well, practical. We’ll go through several examples such as:

– Are popups / lightboxes / modals with opt-in forms unethical?
– Are pre-recorded, “fake” webinars unethical?
– Is it unethical to pre-sell a product when you haven’t completed it yet?
– Is it unethical to send a lot of annoying hard sell emails to your subscribers?

Interested to hear your thoughts on this. I don’t claim that this is the final word on ethics in marketing. After all, the discussion around ethics has only been going on for a couple thousand years so far.