What’s Flexy Do & How’s it Different?

I noticed a lot of other marketers saying this is a landing page builder that using real A.I. and ‘machine learning’ to build pages…

after my review, I discover this doesn’t really use real A.I. however it’s the first that has a nifty built-in chat feature that allows you to build landing/lead pages just by talking to the app out loud.

For instance you can say words out loud like:

“Flexy, create a sales page” & the app will open a sales page template ready to edit

“Flexy, make background red” & the app will change your pages background color

“Flexy, undo” & the app will undo your most recent change.

& there’s a good number of these commands that will work.

There’s also a number of other features like:

[+] Ability to make ‘smart’ pages that translate into different languages
[+] Ability to make talking 3D avatars that talk when someone hits your page
[+] Ability to have Flexy host the page or download to your domain
[+] Good number of different templates like ‘affiliate’ ‘optin’ ‘VSL’ & more
[+] Built in image editor