How to track my videos | Vidpulse Review, Vidpulse lifetime deal, discount

If your search term is how to track my videos? Then yes! You should keep reading! 

We are introducing one of Appsumo deals, Vidpulse lifetime deal.


**Receive real-time analytics on embedded videos as well as historical data

**Display content recommendations via endscreens

**Monitor how visitors are interacting with your videos

**Detect trending topics and capitalize on the moment

Vidpulse helps you understand your audience by giving you comprehensive and actionable analytics.

Now, you can detect trending topics in real-time. (Have a video that’s getting a lot of traction? Promote it while the iron is hot!)

With Vidpulse, you’ll be able to monitor how visitors are interacting with your videos — see things like plays, play rate, and completion rate. You’ll also get alerts for broken videos so that you can remove or switch them out.

If you want to run the video advertisement and to know which video is really working. We highly recommend using the Vidpulse to check before you choose the wrong video and end up losing money.

Vidpulse lifetime deal will help you to find the right videos and track each one of them to understand the behaviors and who are sharing to which videos. 

Click the link below to learn more about the Vidpulse lifetime deal

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