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Product Description

Are you starting your business and trying to get online marketing (Promoting your product or Website)?

But, the online marketers are so expensive, and you cannot guarantee that this marketer will be done successfully.

What if you can do the research and get an accurate result?

ahhaDEAL team wants to introduce you a Software named, DataJEO.

DataJEO is the Market Research Tool.



Imagine if you could pinpoint with absolute accuracy the ideal audience for any product.

Teacher, Coffee Cut, Wine Glass, or business product?

What if you knew where they lived, how old they were, how much they earn, what if you knew what they were interested in. What if you knew what they were searching for, what social media account they hang out..?

Who is the audience? Where to find them? And, not only that how to reach them in the best possible way?

How to reach them and how to put the ad in front of the best possible way?

DataJEO is the software can give you all these information.


DataJEO insde view


DataJEO software is using the most popular and expansive other software.


Have you ever researched or used the Alexa | Similar Web | Adbeat and other online marketing software? Only with this three software will charge you at least $497 /Month.

DataJEO other service price comparison

DataJEO is using the their services to bring the result.

Marketing is all about getting the right message in front of the right audience using the right media.

– Dan Kennedy

DataJEO is for the Better results and get them all faster.

With the ahhaDEAL service, you can send us your 1 niche (1 keyword). And, we will find the top best 10 websites (We will eliminate the general business websites) and get the results for you.

With each campaign, you will be able to refresh the campaign from the DataJEO software and take a look at the result in lifetime! You can check every day or week or month to see the difference.

And, one more bonus for you!
With our special access to the DataJEO campaign, please send us your website url, we will run the campaign as well.


So, the total of access of your campaigns will be TWO
1) Your keyword (10 websites research)
2) Your website or Another competitor’s


ahhaDEAL Campaign
You are not sure about the research service? Please let us know your questions or concerns!


*After Purchase, ahhaDEAL support team will start to look at your keyword and run the campaign to find the top 10 best websites. And, we will send you the DataJEO access ID and Password within 12 hours. [Your account will not expire.]


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