Install WordPress, Divi Theme on Lifetime hosting

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Product Description

Install WordPress, Divi Theme on Lifetime hosting

Are you interested in our Exclusive service??

We will setup your Lifetime Hosting service (Click Here for Details), and we will install the WordPress and Divi Theme with lifetime update license included.

There is no download or hassles. WordPress and Divi Theme will be updating with a simple click.

What are the steps we will take?
1) We will create the random email address for setting up the Lifetime Hosting account. (You can change the information after we finish the setup)

2) After we complete setup your Lifetime Hosting account, we will install the WordPress site. (1 website)

3) Divi Theme will be installed with the license key (One website). The license key will hide because we do not allow to sell the license itself. But, we have the developer license that we can install the Divi with the license added.

4) We will delete unnecessary plugins

5) We will test your website, and finally, we will deliver your website.

You will be able to use the Cpanel to add more websites, more WordPress. You can install any plugins you desire.

There is nothing restriction. Delivered website, Hosting, and Divi theme are yours.

You can ask us the questions after installation. If it is a technical issue, you should contact the Lifetime Hosting or WordPress.

Once you purchase this service, our team will contact you for asking a few questions about the domain name. We can point your domain to the hosting, or you can receive a free 10 years registered domain name. (You can visit the Lifetime.Hosting for more details.)

If you have any questions, please contact us immediately. We are happy to assist you.

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