Uncovering the Traffic Formula [Ebook]

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Uncovering the Traffic Formula [Ebook]

61,754 Visitors in 100% Free Traffic from Google, in Just ONE Month! Who doesn’t want more free traffic, right? Check out this new report we just released to see how we did it!


We both know that you’re reading this because …

1. You want to increase your search engine rankings (Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even the small search engines)

2. You want more traffic

3. And you want all of this so that your websites can sustain themselves and make you money.

So, with that said, in this guide I’m going to go through the general methodology I have used to help generate up to 61,000 visitors per month to just one of my sites.

Granted, results like this didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen from 100% search engine traffic! I’m not sharing this to brag. I simply want to show you that IT IS possible to get a ton of targeted free traffic to your websites, and outrank your competitors by simply knowing how and why Google is ranking sites where they do.

These strategies can work on any site. An aged site, a new site, an affiliate site, a site that sells products, a blog, or one that is designed to make money from Adsense.

Some of the initial strategies here (not all) are based off of a new site, so take the guidelines and apply it to your existing site. If there are things I have listed in the first few phases that you haven’t done with your old, existing website… I suggest you apply those. Then move on to the later steps of the formula. Since you may already own a website, you may skip past step 1, but at least read through it to get a good grasp as to why we chose those types of domains in the first place.



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